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Expert Python Programming Review

Expert Python Programming BookI’ve always been interested in Python. Python is a dynamic programming language with a very clear and readable syntax, strong introspection, intuitive object orientation and so on. It’s been used in many successful projects such as Trac, Django, Mercurial, YUM. It’s used in companies such as Google or Yahoo. Python has a vast standard library allowing to solve almost any domain problem. From the early beginning Python had a design philosophy behind it which is probably one of the reasons why Python is such a successful programming language now days.

All these and other reasons make Python an interesting and valuable language to learn. I’ve chosen to review Expert Python Programming as my next book. Having used Python for personal projects such as or work related tasks such as continuous integration with BuildBot I hope it will be an interesting read that will help me to improve my understanding of Python.

For those interested Packt Publishing offers a sample chapter of the book.

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