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PyDumpy - Partial sorted MySQL database dumps

is a simple Python utility that might be helpful for developers struggling to get fast and partial database snapshots from production databases. It does it’s job by checking the database information schema to find out the approximate rows count available in each table and limits the table if needed to avoid dumping too much data as some databases may have hundreds of gigabytes of data. It then passes all the limits information it gathers to mysqldump a tool created by MySQL to do the actual dumping.

Python does not have a built in package to connect to MySQL as for example PHP does and therefore PyDumpy relies on MySQL for Python package to work. PyDumpy also relies on mysqladmin to do the actual dumping.

PyDumpy is very simple to use. For example to dump a maximum of 50 000 rows from each table type:

./ -H host -u user -p pass -n dbname -limit=50000

PyDumpy also allows to specify row limits and sorting preferences for each table specifically:

./ -H host -u user -p pass -n dbname -limit=50000 -ask-to-limit -ask-to-sort

If you find this tool useful please feel free to provide feedback by leaving a comment.

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