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Build and publish your own PHP Mongo packages

I had a problem at work where we were using a php mongo driver version 1.3.7 which was crashing for us due to a bug in the driver. Since then they have released a new version of the driver 1.4.0 which solves the previous issue but introduces a new one. Fortunately it was quickly fixed on github but not yet released on pecl. I wanted to try the latest driver to see if it works but did not want to custom compile it and instead wanted to use pecl.

This is when I found a howto create a pear repository on github. Following these instructions I set up my own pear repository. Then I simply checked out the php mongo driver, changed the package.xml to point to my channel and ran pear package which gave me a php mongo driver package which I could now add to my own pear github repo using pirum.

Now I can use this repo to install my own packages for testing, share it with others or even use it in production if I can’t wait for the official release.

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