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I was really happy to see that most of the Drupalcon 2008 talks videos were published. There are a few general talks that I would like to highlight.

One talk that really impressed me was “Rasmus Lerdorf keynote - Simple is Hard“. I found it to bee very interesting, exciting, funny and shocking. It opened my eyes to some extent not to overdo with abstractions and mega layers and take a look at simple things like transactions per second. The inclued pecl extension just blew my mind. Sadly there isn’t a DLL compiled for windows. But I’m definitely trying out this extension on our applications to see what kind of a mess we have.

There were also a few by Rasmus about PHP security at the end of the presentation that were really interesting. Few other talks worth mentioning: “Indexes and denormalization: keys to scaling sites with massive content” a nice introduction to indexes and how they work. And most importantly how you can’t have indexes on two tables using open source relational databases and how denormalization helps.

High availability solutions for MySQL: An Overview and practical demo” this one speaks for itself. If you are interested in replication, clusters and that alike this talk is for you.

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