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Making your life easier with FirePHP

I have been a user of FireBug for quite a long time and it saved me a lot of hours of pain debugging AJAX applications. When I see developers trying to figure out why their AJAX applications are not working without using FireBug it sometimes looks like an inexperienced woman trying to park a car without any luck whatsoever.

And then recently i found FirePHP while reading php|architect and it seems to me a such a nice tool it’s well worth to blog about it. If you want to debug ajax applications with FireBug you must do your own variable dumps which break the output. While FirePHP is capable of sending all this data through http headers without breaking the response of your json, xml, image responses. It also provides a very nice library for logging various stuff.

One of the things I really liked is the ability to easily view backtraces through FirePHP. Though it seems to me it can only view backtraces of your own defined local php function calls. It would be nice to see FirePHP integrated with Xdebug. Then it could do a full stack trace with all the parameters involved and even memory usage.

I also love the fact that there is a Zend_Log_Writer for Firebug. It also can send information to firebug console. But it’s not as “sweet & cute” like FirePHP.

I believe that FireBug, FirePHP, Xdebug are the must have tools for every php web developer. It saves more than a reasonable amount of time spent debugging.

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