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I went to see Udi Dahan speaking on Command and Query Responsibility Segregation. The open talk was organised by Skills Matter who support the Open Source community by organizing free events and courses.

Udi Dahan is a world renowned software architect and speaker. Udi is a specialist in SOA and distributed systems. It is a pleasure to listen to Udi speak because of his ability to present ideas clearly and keep others wanting to see what the next slide holds.

Command Query Responsibility Segregation or CQRS is software architecture pattern. The pattern is about separating (Segregating) the read side (Queries) and write side (Commands) of the system.

A simple example would be an application that does event reservations. All read commands would be executed against a reporting database which is stale and can be de-normalized. All calculations needed to display the data have been done before populating the reporting database. All write commands like making an actual reservation or adding a new event is executed against a Domain Model with it’s own database. Domain Model is never used to execute reporting queries. Reporting databases are generated from the write side database after all needed calculations have been performed.

This architectural pattern simplifies the Business Domain Model making it behavior only making it easier to maintain. Another strong advantage of CQRS is system performance. CQRS approach accepts that reporting data can be stale. This enables easier development of highly scalable distributed systems.

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